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deel grote vak

Crossing the river by ferry nearby Brakel. Until now no offroad-driving, but still a very nice stretch to drive! For the greater part I follow the NHW cycle route. A tropical roof shouldn't be a luxery by this wheather by the way.


I was on the ferry together with some old tractors which were driving at a speed of around 16 km per hour to a show in Panningen (northern Limburg). Still some hours to go for them I think.


O yeah, a Land Rover is from origine still a agrilcultural machine!


Some nice pictures at the crossing of the railway and the Diefdijk. The principal of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie is stopping the enemy coming from the east in times of war by flooding a stroke of land. Just deep enough that crossing by vehicles became impossible and not deep enough for crossing by a boat. The places where a dike crosses the flooding areas (in this case the railway dike) the defenceline had to be protected by fortifications.


Just a nice shot.


And one more, all at the fortification at the Diefdijk.


Right from the folder: 'Land Rover the world's most versatile vehicle'


On several places along the defence line are casemates and shelters. This is one of the shelters (built in WO2) where the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie crosses the motorway A27.


This is the lock at fort Everdingen. This lock was used for admitting water from the Lek for flooding the land eas of the Diefdijk.

deel grote vak
deel grote vak