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deel grote vak

They are doing some excavations in the river forelands of the Lek. It was pretty tempting for some offroading...


This photo is taken from the fortification Waalse Wetering. In the paddocks are signs with the distances 300, 600 and 1000 meters. There was a law putted into practice around the forts that said that building inside the circle of 300 meter was prohibited. Inside the 600 meter circle building was only allowed in wood and inside the 1000 meter circle building with stone was allowed, but the building must be pulled down in an easy way. All this for protecting a obstacle free area for shooting.


This is the Gedekte Gemeenschapsweg between the fortification Werk aan de Korte Uitweg and the fortification Werk aan het Snel. De road is besides the flooding canal. The dike gave cover to the soldiers moving between the two forts. In the dike are sevaral shelters, you can just see one of them on the photo.


Somewhere along the Lek it was possible to access the river forelands. I couldn't resist to make some nice pictures there.


Just a nice shot.


And another one.




It seems to me that it would be nice for the picture to drive just a little backwards into the river, but I was affraid to get stuck without help to pull me out...


Activities on the railway bridge across the Amsterdam-Rhinecanal.


deel grote vak
deel grote vak