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deel grote vak

Just a couple of some small parts to go before I've explored the whole Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie. Today I visited the surroundings of Nieuwegein.

For the perceptive viewer: The blue licence plates are on the car! Meanwhile it became a passenger car instead of pick-up. The spotlights aren't working yet, but when I'm finished with this, more information and photo;s on this website.


And another photo at the Amsterdam Rhinecanal. On the background the bridge towards the plumbsluice of the defenceline.


This is a lock in the Lekcanal. The Lekcanal connects the Lek with the Amsterdam Rhinecanal. The lock isn't in use anymore. It's a kind of a access. It was used for flooding the land in times of war.


When this lock was opened, the water from the Lekcanal flooded to the lower polder. In this way the land became impassable for the enemy. The higher dikes in the flooded area, which were still accessible, were defended by forts.


On the background you can see the plumbsluice at Nieuwegein. In former times the Amsterdam Rhinecanal wasn't wider than this sluice. Now the canal is twice as wide and shipping is possible alongside the sluice.


The plumbsluice was meant for damming up the canal in times of war. Therefor they built a concrete box above the canal. It was intended that the box should be filled with sand and stones and the bottom be provided with explosives. By a single explosion the whole canal could be dammed up.


Now there isn't any sand and stones in the boxes and as far as I know it became the accomodation of a shooting club.


Just a nice shot.

deel grote vak
deel grote vak